Birch Jewels, Acharacle School

birch jewels detail 2

This window is the result of a public art project in 2009. Workshops to make fused glass squares were offered to pupils from the school and other community groups. This resulted in 40 squares which were combined to make an artwork inspired by a poem by George Campbell Hay:

Neul a’ snàmh air an speur,
duilleach eadar e ‘s cli mo shùil;
ùr bàrr-uaine gruag a’ bheithe,
eug nan leitir cas mu ‘n Lùib.

(A cloud drifting in the sky
leafage between I and my eye;
fresh arid green-crested are the tresses of the birch jewel of the steep descents about the Bright.)

From ‘Do Bheithe Boidheach’

Birch Jewels - Copy

birch jewels detail 4