Taste & See…

O taste and see that the Lord is Good; blessed is the man that trusteth in him.

Psalm 34:18

This window, commissioned for Manor Church (Kirkton Manor) in the Scottish Borders, is a celebration of the bountiful provision of God through creation.

Wild strawberries flourish in abundance in the foreground. On the right side, strawberry plants in rows tell the story that these are domesticated, cultivated and harvested by mankind. The tree is full of birds.

Bees gather nectar and while neither hive nor honey are specifically depicted, the colour of honey is present.

Above is Manor Valley looking towards Wood Hill and beyond. Both the wildness of the hills and the farmed valley floor are shown. God provides and blesses as people do their part.

The branches of a tree frame and hold together the composition, touching everything. Unseen, but here described as deep blue branches, God holds all things and makes all things work together. A tree of life.